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Meaning to someone or something cute and cuddly.
Ohh he's such a poogie...
My poogie woogie bear...
by poogie bear October 09, 2006
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Poogie is a pig that may follow you around the village, and it is heavily disputed whether making it love you leads to good luck and rare quest rewards. You can dress the Poogie in all of the latest fashions.
"OMFG I got a 'los Ruby! Thanks, Poogie!"
"I pet that pig every %#!@ time, and still have NO GEMS. DX"
"eeeeee watermelon pigggg!!!11"
(Poogie)"Pig dun knocked me over again..."
by Nymeria November 01, 2010
Poogie- a 'pussy loogie.' When you eat pussy all night, and the next morning, you hock a loogie that tastes, or smells, like vagina.
"I was eating out Amber all night, and today, I hocked up a nasty poogie!"
by David Lee Cumshot January 23, 2009
It basically is a slang term used in place of vagina. It is slang for cooter, which is slang for pussy, which is slang for vagina.
I use it mainly to call someone a "Big Giant Poogie Head!"
by alyspeach September 11, 2003
conjunction of the words "poon" (vagina), and "loogie" (phlegmy throat discharge). awkwardly viscous, often times stretchy fluid found excreting from the female crevice during intercourse with an ovulating woman.
"daaaaayum, bitch gave you a poogie for christmas?! that is all kinds'a messy."
by goninago April 15, 2007
Another word for little bits of poo that you pick, like a bogie but a poogie!
Also can be achieved by picking ones own bum.
Mother, Daniel keeps on flicking poogies at me.
by Boofus October 03, 2006

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