Drunk, bald-headed, chubby cholo that lays around the house all day waiting for something to happen. Also goes by Phil or Puppet.
"Shut up, Poofy, you fat fuck"
by Brown Pride January 02, 2005
a man that comes outta ur closet that was once ur dads friend who was a drugdealer
Bre closed her closet door because she was afraid Poofy would come out.
by Tawni November 12, 2004
The equivilant to a child saying "Poopy!" A censored profanity, if you will. Though it is not a synonym for any words, it can be used as an exclamation or adjective - usually meaning something bad or insulting.
"You are a poofy!" exclaimed Kim to Alex after Alex said something annoying.

"Poofy! What will we do now Matt?" asked Shannon when she couldn't find their school project.
by Samana Cay September 25, 2007

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