1 with homosexual tendencies widely used in central scotland
billy:what you up to poofy
jackson:not bad been up all night getting my ass pounded
by sean1984 September 29, 2007
Top Definition
Fluffy with fur, hair, shrubbery, etc.
"That kitty cat is poofy. Feed it can food!"
"Look at this well-cut shrub, it's so poofy."
by Ruby "Cuff" Slasher June 09, 2004
A word commonly used in the south east of england by teenage boys. Used to describe something which is extremely cool trendy and fun. Can be used to describe anything and is used in all types of speech from tidy remarks to english essays.
Person (Ed) : Nice pink chinos mate
Person (Cam) : There sick aren't they mate?
Person (Ed): There so poofy
by Bare Aussie November 30, 2011
the description of wild hair that needs a leash.
Girl, your hair is so poofy that your mom got caught in it a week ago and shes still trying to get out.
by heather <3.* February 10, 2005
1. One of those curious little replacements of the washcloth in the shower, that have a poof-like appearance. Also pronounced as "poofeh".
Don't you just love those poofies in the shower?
by x Ant e Dote November 14, 2003
A girl that sits in front of you at work, and the hair is sticking up in the back
Ewelina your hair is poofy
by pb the ruler January 22, 2009
1.) A little thingy made of foam on headphones.
2.) The feeling of a boobie.
Dammit, my I lost my poofies...
by Trunks Oliver Wood September 23, 2003

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