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poo face: In reality this term is typically used as a random insult with little direct connection to the physical facial features of its' intended targets, it often is used in reference to someones unappreciated moods or actions. Although it my be used in refrerence to someones overall unpleasing physical facial features, but not in meaning their face actually looks life poo.
Your being a poo face.
Look at poo face over there.
Yah, he is a Mr. poo face.
OK there poo face.
Jeese, that girl has a poo face tough.
by nickster nickster nickster 121 August 21, 2009
1. An utter douche bag, idiot, and asshole, whose face resembles that of a kangaroo's ass. All of this rolled into one humanoid.

Origin: Oddworld
a. You poo-face.
b. Fuking poo-face
c. Damn poo-face
by Oranos December 16, 2004
someone who has a pooey face
u stink poo face
by bob arnold November 02, 2003
mild insult that one can use on a friend.
sarah, you're a pooface.
by lethal Rizzle January 28, 2009
a triangular shaped head with a partial brown hair type covering, usually attached to the top of a short fleshy tower.

Poofaces are indigenous to Kitchens and Dairy Queens. Because of their small stature, poofaces can hide in rooms easily. Unlike House Hippos, Poofaces have a more skeletal appearance.
pooface ha ha you looked
by miteaswellfukitol June 26, 2010
A mild derogatory comment saying someone is ugly and literally has a face like poo. Also used when someone is being idiotic.
Ruth, you poo face!
by HuDuBe February 09, 2010
n. An insult implying that a person has a face made of poo, or has a lot of poo on their face.
You're a poo-face, you got so much poo on your face that... well... there's just a lot of poo, ok?
by Leriach June 30, 2005