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a passifier
Hannah wants her damn poody.
by Lubabe January 10, 2004
A word to describe a persons bad mood.
He is in a right poody today.
by Batwench October 04, 2007
Noun used to describe someone who is sulking or throwing a hissy fit.
Tiziana is in a poody because Jon left a chair in the middle of her room.
by Mr. Limpy March 14, 2007
a passifier, used in the movie orange county
"arent you a little old for a poody?"
by kristinadizzle April 29, 2006
Cute baby name for your girlfriend/wife if she messed up. and you wanna make her feel better :)
her: I am lost.. I dont get it..
him: awe... poor poody... lemme see.. its easy..
by BronwenB February 18, 2009
A natural barrier, usually of thorn bushs, hedges or bamboo thickets, generally used to keep nosy neighbors and/or their unwanted pets from trespassing.
This poody will keep the neighbors' cats from using our yard as a toilet.
by Bunny Hatah February 18, 2007
someone or something being so annoying you have to make up a new word for it/him/her. I made this word up because a girl was being very very VERY annoying and I just said it!
You are being so annoying you poody!
by thesuperfredfreak June 05, 2009