v. to poop.

The poop version of piddle (to pee).
I'm sorry I was gone so long...I had to poodle.

I'm sorry the bathroom is stank, I poodled in there.
by TeaPeee September 02, 2012
A woman's pubic hair
Last night I had to give the poodle a trim.
by Wordsmith 8080 May 01, 2015
noun, always plural
After someone has taken a big shit and flushed, these are the little crumbs of poo left in the bottom of a toilet basin that didn't quite make it down the flush.
I went to the bathroom in the airport and some dude had left poodles in the toilet before me, so I had to stare at them the whole time I was peeing.
by kidcassanova January 08, 2012
Secret word for period. Commonly used by young girls to talk about periods without others understanding what they are talking about avoiding embarrassment.
"Oh my god Lisa! My poodle is giving me so much pain!!!"
by ArmymanBobElliot September 27, 2014
putting shit under a car door handle
1. i'm gonna poodle that truck that always parks there.
2. let's get drunk and go poodling.
3. you hath poodled me for thy last time.
by WGTM September 02, 2012
An evil being sent by Martians to destroy earth. Poodles are not dogs, contrary to popular belief, but are actually a relative of the spotted hyena. Poodles are generally quite small and armed with their hideous high-pitched yapping and razor-sharp teeth.
Billy, you get that poodle out of your nose right this instant!
by Amber Almighty June 28, 2004
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