After taking a massive shit and wiping, Poo Bum is the last bit of shit that won't go away. Usually noticed after getting up and walking around for a while leaving your ass cheeks moist. Cured with a Wipe Down
Oh man, my Poo Bum left a shit stain in my boxers.

Do you have a little Poo Bum Robby?
by butt master August 01, 2008
Poobum is a word used often to insult violently and to cause major psycological damage.
U iz a poobum. Get lost waseman
by DJ rakattak October 03, 2007
A way to express the annoyance of something going wrong. Usually used as a polite way of letting out frustration without swearing.
Vincent: Aww man! I shot Marvin in the face!

Jules: Poo bums!
by Mmmavis September 07, 2006
a anus which has not been fully wiped after having a poo
when i was in the woods, i had no toilet paper so i developed a serious case of poobum.
by federationofawesome@youtube November 18, 2009
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