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A washroom game where the one who is it, leaves a poop in the toilet without flushing*. You become it when you walk into the washroom to find a poop that has not been flushed. You must then continue the cycle of poo-tagging, either in a new location, or right away.

*Bonus kudos for leaving a poop that isn't covered up by toilet paper. The grosser, the better the revenge.
Bro, I got poo-tagged today at the mall, now I gotta leave some poop at a McDonald's to hopefully poo-tag some fat-ass after his big mac.
by kransack August 28, 2011
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when having a bath the crusty poo melts off your bum and u try to move the poo chunk toward the drain but the poo resists all motion and u can never quite catch it.
If u wipe yo ass you will never need play poo tag ever again
by MikeBoulding January 14, 2007
9 1
You wipe your finger across your bum hole and poke someone with it.
It's like playing tag only involving some poo. Therefore "Poo Tag".
by 4DY May 26, 2013
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