1. arsecunt.

2. a girl who wipes back to front.

3. a legendary word created by nafe, joe, char and james.
1. 'fuck off you poogash.'

2. 'eurgh you wipe wrong, you're getting poo all in your gash.'

3. 'what's another word for arsecunt? erm, poogash?'
by joeandchar. August 08, 2009
Top Definition
1. A Shitty Pussy 2. Terrible, completely sucks ass!

1. Your girlfriend has gotta proper poo gash

2. Just dropped my joint, "thats poo gash"
Just crashed my car, "thats poo gash"
Just crashed into your car, "poo gash for you too"
by Tim Ben and Rich August 16, 2006
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