N. Accedental defecation with all the characteristics of flatulance.
I poofarted and it ran down my leg and bunched up in the leg cuff of my sweats.
by Damn Near Rectum February 12, 2004
Top Definition
A fart that does not sound normal because it is blocked by poo. As a result this fart will also smell much worse because it has to travel past the poo to escape, picking up the stench on the way out.
eeewww!!! Gross go to the bathroom you know that was a poo fart.
by ms. pookie October 26, 2007
When you think you have to fart ... but shockinly shit flys out !
michelle attempted to squeeZe out a beauty , but had a poo fart and left a rose-bud in her unders
by Kode-Nik April 15, 2006

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