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this is the explanation for one of the most frequent and unwanted body phenomena.
turns out that morning bad breath (a.k.a. halitosis) has nothing to do with bacteria or germs at all.
in the middle of the night, when you're asleep, the poo fairy comes and pays you an unpleasant visit.
you guessed it. she pretty much just lays cable inside your oral cavity.
the result: that stinkyness coming out of your mouth every morning.
what the poo fairy gets out of it is still a mystery. word out there is that she's the tooth fairy's evil twin sister. pure malevolence.
- hey, good morning.
- wow, someone got a visit from the poo fairy last night...
by alasondro April 19, 2010
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An old South Eastern Brisbane Myth that if you drink too much soft drink, you poo stones out and then a poo fairy collects them.
Johnny's Dad ~ Son, If you keep drinking that soft-drink like a camel drinks water, youre gonna get a visit from the poo fairy.

Johnny ~ Whats a poo fairy?

Johnny's Dad ~ When you drink too much soft drink your gonna poo stones then the poo fairy collects them and it's gonna hurt alot.
by Maddo Own[3r] August 10, 2008
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when you take a dump in one's lavatory, and collect it in a pillowcase, tie it upon a friends head and make them sniff the poo and make it impossible to get away from the smell and discomfort
i gave Jonnny B a poo fairy last night. he heaved like a mother bitch
by nev gillings March 08, 2008
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