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A pontoon boat or "party barge" that that is busting with poontang.
When aboard pontoontang, clothing is optional.
by Captain Matt July 13, 2004
a really big/fat pussy
Anna Nicole Smith before she got fat = puntang
Anna Nicole Smith on her tv show(aka fat)= pontoon tang
by Ogre December 25, 2004

1. A term used to describe when a woman's IUD or other feminine hygiene product can double as a flotation device.
A police officer at a press conference today said and I quote: "We found the remains of an unidentified, half eaten woman washed up on the shore this morning at approximately 6:15 AM. It appears she used her maxi pad as a sort of pontoontang. Little did she know that she was also chumming the water for sharks in the process."
by billebllunt December 11, 2013