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a girl who in a particular situation resembles a ghost or witch. originally a malaysian legend about a female vampire known as the pontianak.
tell claire to tie her hair up...she looks like some pontianak with her hair down
by blue May 10, 2004
stupid ass retard who thinks his car is fast, even though my stock acura legend, thats a sedan four doors, will smoke it any day, and also he is an idiot in general for owning a mustang, if he only knew how gay they are he would burn it in his front yard
example 1.i went out racing on a saturday night, there were 2 girls in a 1992 mustang gt,they thought it would be funny to race me, they lost
example 2. i went out on a sunday evening and saw a convertable 1990 mustang, i thought it would be funny to race them and beat them, it was
by demus December 31, 2003

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