a diss that does not make any sense at all. usually addressed by the word "heck-a-daddle.
girl 1: tehe
girl 2: u and ur tehe-ing is getting old. try something new like behe or nehe or yehe. or continue tehe if u like it that much
girl 1: fine
girl 2: wat the heck-a-daddle is "poned"??
girl 1: idk.

by Tola Ogunrinde April 06, 2008
1. Short for Caponed, what used to be used in the term of getting killed by Al Capone's mob.
2. The word that spawned pwned, see definition 1.
1. Aw, Mark got 'poned! He said he had 'em afta him, but we didn't b'leev 'em.
2. You have been poned.
by Artifishalfish October 31, 2006
Shortened term for the words "powerfully owned". It's very common in lam-o video game terminology. It means being humiliated, or beaten badly.
Caesar, caesar, caesar, I poned you and your mom! OHHHHH!!!!
by Negative- March 30, 2005
Basicallt the heritage of this word came from a guy name Mike Spinelli. It is a expression, a victory salute, and a in your face tone, kind of word all compacted in one. Poned basically means to be victorious and obnoxious. When it's used in a state of being 'poned', it means a state of loss and confusion.
Rear View Mirror: Man I poned your mom.
Mustardseed4824: I know, I did it too.
A Victory Salute:
Rear View Mirror: PONED!
DrewJCraig: I like men.
In Your Face Tone:
You just got poned.
by Mike Spinelli November 16, 2004
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