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1. To have sex.
2. Cornbread that has been baked or fried; often in the shape of an oval.
3. In cards, the player to the right of the dealer, or the non-dealer in two-handed games.

Note: Pone is often improperly used in place of pwn, a word meaning to beat severely.
"Do you wanna pone later?"
"Gettin' my pone on"
"Ponin' 'em somethin' fierce bro"
by sweetcheekjenkins July 29, 2013
1 9
The new form of internet term "own". Developed by Ascended_PK 2006.
Man, I lyke totally PONED that n00b..

by Ascended September 05, 2006
242 250
To "own" someone, as in a game; to defeat, conquer
You got poned, n00b.
by CaptainPooka June 24, 2005
28 38
A uncommon misspell of the word pwn. Usually misspelled by losers who live under a rock. But then again, the word was made by losers in the first place who live in their mom's basement. So what REALLY better? Living under a rock or i your mom's basement? You know what? Skip the part where I said that only losers misspell it. cuz losers are the ones who made it up so the people who misspell actually have a life.
NERD/LOSER:"You totally pwn noobs in Black Ops!"
PERSON WHO HAS A LIFE: "Nah. You spell it like 'pone'. Why would you even put a 'w'? What the hell is the point?" I mean, come on."
NERD/LOSER: "The point is it's coolio! I am a spiffy cool person so I would know how to spell pwn!"
PERSON WHO HAS A LIFE: "Whatever. I'm gonna go hang out with actual people instead of some avatar whose virtual boobs losers stare at all day because they never actually get a date."
by fgjjfjfjfjfj March 09, 2011
23 34
To rock... like a lot.... like Hardcore Rock...... its made of awsomeness

(also known as PWNS)
My new shoes Pone yours!
My backpack Pones!
by Jesse-ness February 25, 2008
15 27
How retarded people spell pwn. The word pwn is a typo of the word own, so spelling it pone is just idiotic.
Noob: We poned their team in Counter Strike

Average Person: It's spelled pwned, idiot.

Noob: No, it's spelled pone. Why would it be spelled with a "w"?

Average Person: Because it's a typo of own, and it came from Warcraft III.

Noob: Whatever
by Terrazine August 26, 2011
31 45
To have sex. Not the same at pwn.
"Are we gonna pone tonight or what?"
by Applehead08 March 09, 2010
39 53