Any scruffy idiot whose idea of a great night out is hanging around under a lamppost with a 3 litre bottle of strong cider. You know the type.
by spartan October 20, 2003
Top Definition
"pondy" is a slang for porn movie/video in 'IIT' lingo (the set of slangs commonly used in the Indian Institutes of Technology). It originates from a Hindi corruption of the word 'porn'.
A: Dude I've seen this awesome physics textbook and I have to jerk off.

B: Oh? Don't worry I have just the right pondy clips for you.
by imbesty November 05, 2010
According to the history books of Arabia, Pondy is the biggest swear word in the Arab culture. It is a mix of all the swear words. There is no comeback to Pondy, but Pondy itself.

The word "Pondy" originates from the Arab-Indian era, where Arabs used to collect water from ponds for survival.

Soon, the Indians immigrated and started mocking the Arabs, by calling them Pondy. This was very offensive to the Arabs, and thus, the word Pondy has been banned from being used.
Amena: OMG, you're such a Pondy!

Urshita: *silent*
by lavina1337 June 06, 2011
Something that is vulgar and generally pornographic in nature.
Started off as an acronym for Program On Nocturnally Desperate Youth. Can be used as a noun or an adjective.
Dude, if you want this speech to be good you've got to fill it with pondy.
by Captain Carlsberg February 16, 2012
A mixture of Alcohol and Water Features.
To Be Drunk.
"Dude, 4 beers and he's going Pondy!"
by Hugh Finney October 20, 2003
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