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What habitants of the north of England (or scotland) will use to refer to *cough* richer *cough* better-looking *cough* people of the south of England.
Yorksman: Aye ye, ye poncey southern git!

Essex person: Oh yeah? *knocks yorksman out*
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 17, 2004

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A description of any British subject born south of the Watford gap. Refers to said peoples' ineptitude at masculine activities, such as drinking, footie and fighting, and their penchant for indulging in more flamboyant activities, such as cocktails, opera and casual homosexuality. Also, they wear coats.
Geordie 1: Look at that soft schoodent in his scarf and duffel coat.
Geordie 2: Poncey southern git.
by TheGuvornor October 12, 2010