what a mother calls her daughter when she is really bitch. can followed by pompous snot,bitch,etc.
dont be such a pompous little snot! (so says my my friends mom to her)
by mc March 25, 2004
Top Definition
1. one whom of which is full of pomp.

2. a self absorbed person.

3. an elitist pig, usually found inflating her/his ego to the point of nausea.

4. a self proclaimed stately person, commonly found talking down to others whom of which are typically in a higher intelligence quotient bracket.
Gads, did you hear Eric at our last gathering? He so pompous, I'm willing to bet that he's a legend in his own shower.
by No One May 16, 2004
Something stupid people call intelligent people if they use a word they don't understand.
U is sew pompous! (what does expound mean?)
by jwattie July 21, 2014
Someone arrogant enough to start a war in as public a place as his own profile. Also known as a Pompous Ass, or PA, this individual feels he is the Master of Mind Games, but he has yet to meet the true Master...
Gus and Jen sitting in a tree...(need I say more????)
by The One True MMG August 20, 2004
1) excessively ornate
2) a big word used to criticize big words. see hypocrite
don't be a pompous, bombastic, circumlocutious, hypocrite.
by david January 08, 2004
Something extremely cool to be.
Manners maketh the man.

Narcissism and pomp maketh the man great.
by Kung-Fu Jesus June 21, 2004

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