To large or great insulting extent.
You my friend are a pompas ass.
by BennyG May 01, 2005
Top Definition
Word literally meaning "bubbles" in Spanish.
Usually used to reference a good-looking buttocks.
Her pompas look good in those Levi's.
by Negritochulo August 15, 2009
(verb) The act of emancipating one's self intentionally from a group or groups of friends. Also used commonly to refer to separation from a single friend - a friend-breakup.
We still talk on facebook, but he's not someone I hang out with much anymore, I'm pretty much going to pompa him.

Royce and Marilyn used to be the best of friends, they did everything together. Then Royce started hanging out with new friends and totally pompa'd Marilyn.
by arrrpeee October 02, 2010
A sloth like creature or being. Usually used to describe someone for their laziness or sub-human like qualities. (Spanish Derrivative)
Do you want to take Hunter to the Movies? "Nope he's been a Pompa lately."
by Blinkster November 06, 2007
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