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A)When the chick gets on top and decides to do it like the man.

B) A deuce resembling said real-life object

Dude, I don't think you wanna go wit that chick because apparently she likes to pommel horse the shit outta people.
by Godakajesus February 08, 2006
The sexual act of a smaller man taking charge of a larger woman.
Resembling an Olympic gymnast straddling the two "love handles" and swaying his body about in a routine. Depicted as a straddling motion. Applying only to men because the pommel horse is only for male gymnasts. An endearing feat requiring a upper body strength and stamina.
Guy # 1: Wow look at that big and tall sized woman.
Guy # 2: Yeah I wouldn't mind giving her a pommel horse and straddling her buy her love handles.
by Feral Man September 06, 2014
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