1.To come up to someone abruptly followed by a rude, long, obnoxious poke to an area on someone's body.
2.To push down on your self until it hurts.
my dearest friend got dome while he poloped his dogs limb. MLIB
by Kweeferthabat49+20 May 02, 2011
Top Definition
A Jew with the face of a monkey who enjoys marbles up their ass while riding a Jacksonian Gorilla Hop-Along race car set, with independent rear lamps with built in "yaawl-coontrol" biscuit bakers, down a steep embankment with wet grass in Jersey Flats, Florida, followed closely by Gene Hackman in a Louis-Vuitton suitcase with Tight-Grip Action wheels and brakes and Bowser's Brand mini-piston engine brandishing a sword-cane pulling Tracy Chapman on an 1980's skateboard via a neon green jump rope tossing Bacardi and Elmer's glue filled water balloons at schoolchildren and passers-by with an average age of 23 years-young passing by a Dorito's truck driven by Dr. Thomas Fahey who inadvertently spills hot coffee on his nads because he swerved to avoid the monkey-faced Jew followed by Gene Hackman and Tracy Chapman and the throng of alcohol-soaked, glue-dripping kids chasing them.
Duncan: "I don't know about you, Jason, but I feel like a polop today. I've got this weird feeling I'm going to be chased today--"

Jason: "Oh shit, dude! There's Gene Hacman now and Tracy Chapman, who's totally shreddin' the gnar-gnar, right now! Better get strapped into your race car set right-quick, brosef!"

Duncan: "Dude, gotta run, my man! Super stoked to be an ol' fashioned polop today, though! Catcha later, bro!"
by Squirrelman-J March 29, 2008
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