Post-Lopez. Jennifer Lopez claimed that being "for real" was like breathing for her and that she was still "Jenny from the Block".

Considering she is the least grounded person since Yuri Gagarin, it is somewhat a surprise that even though everyone knew this, they STILL lapped it up.
David Blaine is radically Po-Lo in the scale of his attempts to turn pure shit into gold.
by Master Chief September 29, 2003
a preppy kid that belongs to a group of friends that try to be "hard" but simply can't no matter how much they try. Often known for having one sip of beer and acting drunk. Also, known for taking one hit of a blunt and coughing a lung out, then bragging about smoking pot. A Polo also tends to be a flizz.
-"Yo, how was that party last night?"

-"WHACK! They only had a 6 pack and 30 people showed up!"

by FLOCKA420 March 09, 2011
Another name for running a train on a girl.
If ten guys are in line to have sex with one girl then its called a polo.
by r,o,d,m,i,a,m,i August 07, 2008
A slang for being skint. Polo Mint, Skint. Got no money. Out of cash. Aint got no cash.
'What are your plans now then?'

'Dunno, i'm f**king polo'
by Gie Hayford July 21, 2006
P.O.L.O. May be used in reference to what you would like to do to girls at parties without appearing to be a perverted nymphomaniac. It stands for:-
Wow I saw this P.O.L.O today. New model, Red with all the bells and whistles.
Actual Meaning: I saw this girl I'd like to f#ck, pretty young with red hair and soooooo fine.
by Tenchu_X February 27, 2011
Abbreviation for:
Pants Off Legs Open

....or so my girlfriend tells me anyway...
John: Would you like a polo?
Amy: No i'm not showing you my fanny! You pervert!!
by crazy_joe March 05, 2006
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