An ugly type of shirt worn by preppies and other horribly aggravating stereotypes that is usually worn with the collar popped up.
When Julia said "cute as a polo shirt" I had to stop myself from beating her unconcious with a lead pipe.
by Gerbilweebies April 29, 2005
Another name for the coolest VW ever!! Absolutely fantastic! Another fine piece of german engineering. My one's done over 210000 miles. Hardcore! Evie loves her polo. Pedro baybee!!
Wow. Did you just like see that Polo?

Aw cool. Look at that wee Polo!
by Evie C May 21, 2008
Means;Pants Off Legs Open
Woman on phone; "I'm P.O.L.O., are you coming over?"
by toymi69 May 17, 2008
P.O.L.O - People only live once.

So don't be an asshole.
Guy - "This retard kid is a retard!"
Other Guy - "Not cool dude. Polo."

Like Yolo
by 5T4RF0X October 24, 2013
POLO - People Only Live Once - so smile everyday and spread the love like the penetrating minty freshness of polo's
Brian: Oh my gosh Dave you are such a faggot

Charlie: Don't be so mean Brian, POLO!
by malteser_monster_393 February 16, 2013
The crusty ring of ketamine or other white powdery drugs that collects around the nostril/s of habitual users.
"Look up my nose Sandra and check if I've got a Polo,"

"If you could just excuse me for a minute, I'd like to go to the bathroom and check I haven't got a Polo, your honour."
by daddyyankee October 07, 2009
polo is a word used at party's to announce the arrival of Jäger Bombs. Since whenever a Jäger Bomb is announced everyone wants one, this is a very useful method to not waste your Jäger. When it is called, everyone who understands it yells "Polo!" at the top of their lungs and runs in a random direction eventually meeting up at a predesignated location to be given a Jäger Bomb. Each new person who is brought to do a Jäger Bomb is allowed to bring one other person on the next Polo to do a shot so everyone eventually gets a Jäger Bomb, but the Jäger doesn't get completely wasted in the first hour of the party.
Person 1: POLO!!!
Person 1,2,3: POLO!!! *runs away to do Jäger Bombs*
Everyone else: what the hell is polo??

Person 1: POLO!!! come on man!
Person 2: wait are we doing?
Person 1: just follow me!
*arrive at designated area*
Person 1: Ok lets do this!
Person 2: Awesome Jäger Bombs!!
*drop shot and yell "POLO!!!" and then down it"
by freakinrobe June 15, 2010
a preppy kid that belongs to a group of friends that try to be "hard" but simply can't no matter how much they try. Often known for having one sip of beer and acting drunk. Also, known for taking one hit of a blunt and coughing a lung out, then bragging about smoking pot. A Polo also tends to be a flizz.
-"Yo, how was that party last night?"

-"WHACK! They only had a 6 pack and 30 people showed up!"

by FLOCKA420 March 09, 2011

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