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a short, little, skinny bitch (usually white) with no boobs and no ass that guys like anyway for god knows what reason... probably because they think shes cute like that stupid toy all little girls used to play with
fuck polly pockets!
by April 26, 2006
A chick so short that it makes you wanna put her in your pocket and carry her around with you everywhere you go. (Named for the Mattel toy sold in the 90s.)

Specifications: attractiveness, non-dwarf/midget, vagina
Yo, I met this shorty the other day that was so fuckin cute and small that I just wanted to pick her up and drop her into my pocket.

So you met a Polly Pocket. Yeah, I could use me one of those.
by Syracuse JOHNSON December 13, 2009
1. plastic doll
2. its reali small
3. um..there reali small plastic dolls
4. and they cum in lil houses made of plastic, but i dont like plastic
5. kids of the ages 3-37 play with polly pocket dolls

each sold seperately
I want my plastic polly pocket doll please!
by krishna February 26, 2005
pussy, vagina, vaa jay jay.
I shoved my boot in her polly pocket.
by James27 November 08, 2007
n. A homosexual man.
(often referred to as "polly")
Oh man, that kid is such a polly pocket, look at his outfit.
by rickeyg303 April 29, 2007

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