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A place where inbreeding is highly encouraged, women resemble big feet who intentionally grow their pubic hair 6 - 8 inches in length. Fellas of this region neither read nor write and jam copious amounts of smokeless tobacco into their lips and anus holes. County leaders openly surf internet porn whilst fondling horse testicles and the police patrol the streets with unwiped butts and anal beads hanging around their necks. Backwards is often frontwards and old people smell of rancid fart gas. Children never leave for fear of a reality check and the lions varsity football team showers with each other unnecessarily. The local gymnastics shack hosts booger eating contests. Drugs abound and drunkards attend baptist church under the guise of holiness. Residents - in general - are incapable of passing a basic written IQ test. All in all, you would be better off moving into a known lepper colony.
Jeb: I'm fixing to go to the Sonic in polk county texas

Clem: Me too, whatcha gonna git?

Jeb: Dunno, can't read tha minu

Clem: Duh, we can eat horse poop and spread it on our wieners
by jive-turkey December 29, 2010
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