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Ticks:blood-sucking paracites
politics are such blood-sucking parsites man!
by quadracorn July 12, 2011
A permanent flamewar. Includes edit wars on laws and bills, name calling, badmouthing other people, and other gratuitous foolishness.
LOL, Newt Gingrich is such a troll. Of course, he engages in politics.
by Ricky the Nudnik February 06, 2012
when opinions become factual.
**Any dinner conversation or facebook status involving politics**
by murquix December 20, 2011
Something that makes people feel like human affairs are important, despite the fact that our entire planet- nay; solar system- nay; galaxy could be wiped from existence without altering the universe in any perceptible manner.
Imagine spending your entire lifetime discussing a single electron orbiting a single hydrogen atom bonded in a single water molecule lining the digestive tract of a security guard at Kohl's with no consideration for anything else in the world. That is more or less what politics are like.
by Cadaei June 16, 2011
The least civilized form of man-on-man combat.
Politics is so annoying. Why can't we vote for scientists or economists instead of politicians.
by the sad truth February 11, 2013
A dick measuring contest between well-dressed chimps.
Politics (see: any campaign race) always winds up in the selection of what people hope is the least problematic leader.
by Ren Tsune October 18, 2012
A messed up system up electing people to lead an entire country when almost half the population doesn't even vote.
I wish a presidential candidate would tell everyone he wouldn't do anything in office...Then nothing wrong could really happen. Stupid politics...
by alvoter September 17, 2012