The altruistic art of lifting about half of the money from each of our wallets every year and spending it with prudence, enlightenment and efficiency.

40% of our fellow adults are gleefully satisfied with the benevolent outcomes of this arrangement. You know this because when it’s election day, they don’t vote.
“I’m not going to vote, I hate politics.”

“Really? That’s amazing, I thought you loved politics. When I reach over the table and grab one fry from your plate you throw a complete conniption. But every year when your politicians take, in total, more than half of your hard-earned money, you don’t vote to do a thing about it. So I think you secretly love having a bunch of rich, old white men take your money and do whatever they want with it, no matter how demeaning and controlling their laws are to your life and to the lives of the people you love. That's quite a fetish you've got going on there, I hadn’t realized you were such a political submissive.”
by PJMac August 23, 2012
War without bloodshed
"Politics is war without bloodshed while war is politics with bloodshed."
Mao Tse-Tung (1893 - 1976)
by Mertown June 09, 2007
the practice of being a complete loser. Next to lawyers, politicians are the least liked people ever. Maybe this is because they are liars and really don't know what they're doing.
"Mom, if I ever become involved with politics, please shoot me before it's too late."
by Diego February 10, 2004
Democrats = radical progressive leftwing international socialists

Republicans = radical progressive leftwing international socialists

American people = screwed
politics is raping you up the bunghole
by fuck the NWO October 07, 2005
A vast leftwing conspiracy.
see communism , socialism ,satanism , etc.
by Bobzilla June 02, 2005
The best way to divide a country.
Countries such as the United States have become divided due to politics and ideology.
by Black Kat August 22, 2009
the process of decision making for individuals and/or groups
politics is everywhere
by BlankGirl December 26, 2004

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