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the cause of all the worlds problems and the solution to all the worlds problems.
by joeitit August 18, 2003
311 113
Politics = bullshit. You know it's true.
by DKsDownBInTheAir July 26, 2009
203 34
Promoting the lies of a particular group.
"Daddy, why did you lie to them?" "It's politics, son"
by Jebblebbles January 28, 2008
139 17
the ability to spoonfeed the masses bullshit and make them think they are eating sugar, no matter what side you are on
If you beleive Bush is not in bed with Clinton then you have no idea what politics are all about
by MEATLOGO February 20, 2006
125 35
"poli" meaning many and "tics" annoying blood sucking creatures.
by Murdoch September 19, 2003
104 18
The art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly,and applying the wrong remedies
republicans suck
democrats suck
by ZQ December 09, 2005
86 11
A game where mortals playing themselves off as gods.
Kerry is perfect
Bush is perfect
Kerry is perfect
Bush is perfect
by Galen Deepinglen August 04, 2004
105 30