The altruistic art of lifting about half of the money from each of our wallets every year and spending it with prudence, enlightenment and efficiency.

40% of our fellow adults are gleefully satisfied with the benevolent outcomes of this arrangement. You know this because when it’s election day, they don’t vote.
“I’m not going to vote, I hate politics.”

“Really? That’s amazing, I thought you loved politics. When I reach over the table and grab one fry from your plate you throw a complete conniption. But every year when your politicians take, in total, more than half of your hard-earned money, you don’t vote to do a thing about it. So I think you secretly love having a bunch of rich, old white men take your money and do whatever they want with it, no matter how demeaning and controlling their laws are to your life and to the lives of the people you love. That's quite a fetish you've got going on there, I hadn’t realized you were such a political submissive.”
by PJMac August 23, 2012
what we call a rap game
B.o.B: I'm guessin' that if we can make some wishes outta' airplanes
Then maybe oh maybe I'll go back to the days
Befo' the politics that we call a rap game

Alright, that example should give you enough info...
by Tbear August 25, 2012
The main or actual definition is the discussion of political opinions, primarily debates on topics spoke of by the government and many others. Also described as an activity of government, basically a specific topic really. An example of a political opinion is say whether you are Pro Life or Pro Choice. So, say you are Pro Life, you would believe in not aborting, what is heavily debated, as a "child." That is a poltical opinion. But, overall it is the discussion of topics pertaining to the government, which is most commonly spoken by political figures. I also would describe it as a bit of a friendship destroyer. The reason being when some people disagree on certain topics, grudges may be held.
Jeff-Hey, do you like Politics?
Janice-Not particularly, why?
Jeff-Do you like Sarah Palin?
Janice-Yes, why?
by eric8388 December 11, 2011
Poly means many and tics means blood-sucking parasites.
Politics are covering me pubes.
by Jockass March 20, 2009
"poli", from the Greek 'poly' meaning 'many'; and aka +, "tics", blood sucking parasites = "many blood sucking parasites".
Politicians constitute politics.
by The Altruen June 11, 2014
to be wasting time
Bill was politicing on that blunt
by SirBaesa May 12, 2003
Politic (also can be used as Politicing) is simply a more advanced and educated word for the term, fart. Used in parts of Maryland, please help spread the word Politic or Politcing to be known as fart, farting, or passing gas.
person a: hey dude
person b: yo
person a: ew dude whats that smell
person b: oh someone must have politiced
by Mizz Lil Je$$i December 26, 2011
A system that pretty much runs the world. Politics are the ways of politicians, and politics involve a LOT of things in the world, dealing with government especially.
"Politics make no sense."
-a smart person

"In politics, it's always intelligence VS intelligence. No one will ever win. But then again, as long as no one wins, we all have free-will instead of just ONE party thinking for us."
by Dave September 13, 2004

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