1. The profession of lying.

2. Politics is often a touchy subject because often people having differing political views - sometimes radical views - however, this doesen't mean you should insult others views (as insane as they may be).

3. Politics is the process of making decisions for groups. Politics if often a word used when referring to governments. It is one of the main causes of death in the world.
1. John Howard: "Interest rates will never go up in the forseeable future!"

Years later...

News reporter: "Yes, well in recent weeks we have noticed a significant rise in interest rates...."

2. See liberal.

3. North Korea's government leaders (Kim II Sung, Kim Jong-il) used politics to set up what is often called a totalitarian dictatorship, they set up propanga in their media, (the newspapers don't have "real" news, just anti-US propaganda) there is only one TV channel, which is all about Norh Korea's "Dear Leader", Kim Jong-il.

The "quest for communism" has often resulted in millions of deaths, (see Soviet Union) when in practice, Communism is an extremely difficult system to establish and to maintain. Communist governments often become repressive dictatorships, and the whole point of Communism (to have a classless society, businesses not being able to exploit the average worker, "utopian society") becomes skewed by the government's view of becoming the strongest nation in the world (again, see North Korea).

The main reason for politics being bad is human nature - greed.
by Tredmond October 28, 2005

I'm not getting involved in this.
Well you see, I'm voting for, well, uh, you see, I'm an Independent (Lie) and...well the system. Yeah, you gotta think about the system, consider voting these days and stuff. Say, what type of lube do you use for anal sex? I'd be much more comfortable talking about that than politics.
by Jacob Orr October 17, 2010
the most evil and destructive force known to man.
politics has and will always hurt more people than it helps.
by Judge Fudge August 12, 2006
a place where causing hatred and fear are stronger tools than logic and morality.
Rather than being a forum to better the country, politics is more like 5 year olds arguing.

by partisan politics should die August 30, 2007
if you don't know a way to fix the economy or improve local schools, please don't lie to the public
by stan March 16, 2005
Something that shouldn't be talked about with family and friends, it goes along with religon and other controversial topics, it's a quick way to piss of people and get in a fight.
Democrat: Abortion is THE RIGHT OF A WOMEN!!!
Me: Mom, Dad can we just talk about school or something, god damn I hate politics
by Jersey Kid January 26, 2008
The system that governs the world. A system of cheating, lying, and scandal. Coming from the phrase poly, meaning many, and ticks, meaning bloodsucking parasites.
by Not Proud to be an American April 23, 2003
To vay for position. To "get in good". Putting one's self in a position to succeede, or reap the rewards of some posiitive outcome.
My friend and I both liked the same girl so we were always politicing to see who could get with her first.
by Hotobu June 30, 2003

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