to make people and orginizations more politically active
She wanted to politicize the organization and give it more strength.
by SeattleRose July 29, 2006
Top Definition
A word to refer to a social issue that already has a public interest element, thus, is already political in character, but is used to give a negative implication to someone else wanting to examine the interests at stake.
We shouldn't allow the opposition to politicize this issue.
by Tom September 08, 2004
Verb: To become politically active and engaged in current affairs.

Noun: One who is politically active, aware, and engages themself in current affairs and government
Verb: "I think the economy is all Greenspan's fault"
"Dont try to politicize if you have no idea what your talking about"

Noun: "I saw Shipper down by the capitol today, that kid is such a Politicizer"
by Fresh'n Up August 21, 2009
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