1. A professional liar.
2. There is no other definition (see example.)
Politicians become successful by obtaining an elected position in public office. This requires a series of strategic lie telling in an utmost convincing manner. A successful politician must first tell a convincing series of lies to gain favor in a political party. Then, another series of lies must be told to financial backers to gain funds to run for a position in public office. Finally, a politician must tell another series of often conflicting lies to the general public to win votes for election. This process of successful lie telling eliminates all honesty from the profession, which has become a requirement of a position in public office.

Politicians will typically be very outwardly charismatic individuals possessing above average abilities to charm and persuade people. They seek positions in public office as a means of sidestepping laws and to gain personal profit while avoiding a possible life of crime as a con-man. Public office offers the opportunity to present ones self as an upstanding law abiding citizen while also offering ample opportunities to lie, accept bribes, steal money through misappropriated tax dollars, etc. Politics offers a successful career path for a pathological liar.
by Polite Lies August 24, 2013
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Generally good, honest men and women who, despite the misperceptions and lies of special interests and the proletariat, want to help the people they represent. Sure, some politicians views do not represent the majority, but that is the people's fault for not being more proactive with their candidate. Some politicians are also corrupt, but not the majority. If you really want to understand the average politician, look at your mayors and state senators. They usually aren't funded by mega-corporations and lobbies, and they tend to come from average middle to upper-middle class homes.

TL;DR Not every politician is an asshole, get to know them before you judge them.
Average Joe: Politicians are all selfish cocksuckers!

Me: That's not true, I grew up with a politician for a father, and I've met and known politicians of varying degrees of importance all my life. Once you've had governors over for dinner or attended a fund raiser, you realize that they're just ordinary people who care enough about society to stand up and take a bunch of crap from people like you to do the right thing.

Average Joe: Then explain why unemployment is so high!

Me: Look at African nations, they have unemployment over 30%, we're doing pretty damn well. The reason we have so many problems is people have different ideas about how to fix America.
by PoliticiansKid February 10, 2013
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A politician is good at arguing. Therefore he/she is a master debater. Say "master debater" 3x fast - masturbater! Usually applies to a guy. Carries a negative connotation; implies that the boy can't ever get a girl and is lonely and extremely dorky.
Girl 1: What do you think of so-and-so, I think he's cute, don't you? Might make a good boyfriend.
Girl 2: No way, girl, he's one politician if I ever saw one!
by M. A. S, May 10, 2008
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A person whose basically more trouble than they're worth, corrupt, and are a fine representation of what's wrong with the world ... literally.

Politicians only care about themselves, as well as money and power, and are willing to do whatever it takes to get these things, from lying to empty promises that they know they can't or won't keep.

Politicians pretend to "care" about people, just so they can lie to them and manipulate them, by wrongfully raising taxes to line their pockets or passing these biased and prejudiced laws that are either unfair or don't even make the slightest bit of sense, or pointing the finger of blame at whoever.
by ChrisMBurdick July 06, 2016
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Not just a person whose basically more trouble than they're worth, corrupt and evil, but they're also literally a fine representation of everything that's currently wrong with the world.

"Money", "Notoriety", and "Power", as well "Themselves" are the ONLY things that Politicians care about. Because they're professional liars, they'll do whatever it takes to get these things.

In addition, Politicians pretend to "care" about less fortunate people or "support" charities, just so they can lie to them and manipulate them or take advantage of them, as well as wrongfully raising taxes to line their pockets, or even passing biased and hypocritical laws that only suits THEM, but not SOCIETY, that don't even make the slightest bit of sense.

Another thing with Politicians, is when bad things happen in the world, they point the finger of blame at whoever they want, just to cause problems.
Politicians are corrupt, evil, and greedy.
by ChrisMBurdick July 12, 2016
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An immature adult that would like to be noticed by pretending to care about people they feel are below them. Politician can also be used to insult anyone that feels anything that can remotely put them down will destroy all their reputation hence politicians can't do anything wrong.

A close synonym to squeaker as low immaturity will provide similar behavior.
1. hey calm down child your worse than a politician

2. That girl is so sensitive she is like a polititian.
by hlczn December 20, 2013
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A person who is a control freak or a crazy psychopath that tries to pass more and more idiotic and dumb laws because they want to get rid of something that they find offensive and want it abolished. These people tend to lack common sense, logic, and haven't done any of the necessary research in order to create any reasonable bill or law, but it gets passed anyways due to the idiodicy of the public that votes these bills in.

Instead of caring about more important matters such as murders, the economy, kidnappings, child abuse, etc., they pass more and more dumb laws restricting or banning things like comic books, manga, anime, books, freedoms of artistic expression, the ownership of exotic pets that are harmless (such as the majority of reptiles and arachnids), TV shows, and other related things just because they don't like it.

They do this by exaggerating and swaying the public opinion using methods such as swaying the public (who are unfortunately very dumb, uninformed and haven't done the research about the things that the politician wants banned as well) using commercials, biased speeches, using the bought and paid for media and many others. They mostly say that they are doing this for the public, when in reality, they are doing it for themselves since control freaks are psychopaths.
Here is a good quote about what a politician in the government is like:

"When it comes to government and law, truth and common sense guarantee absolutely nothing."
by Digital Preacher December 26, 2014
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