1. A professional liar.
2. There is no other definition (see example.)
Politicians become successful by obtaining an elected position in public office. This requires a series of strategic lie telling in an utmost convincing manner. A successful politician must first tell a convincing series of lies to gain favor in a political party. Then, another series of lies must be told to financial backers to gain funds to run for a position in public office. Finally, a politician must tell another series of often conflicting lies to the general public to win votes for election. This process of successful lie telling eliminates all honesty from the profession, which has become a requirement of a position in public office.

Politicians will typically be very outwardly charismatic individuals possessing above average abilities to charm and persuade people. They seek positions in public office as a means of sidestepping laws and to gain personal profit while avoiding a possible life of crime as a con-man. Public office offers the opportunity to present ones self as an upstanding law abiding citizen while also offering ample opportunities to lie, accept bribes, steal money through misappropriated tax dollars, etc. Politics offers a successful career path for a pathological liar.
by Polite Lies August 24, 2013
A person who can talk for hours and never say anything.
little shit: I'm going to be a politician when I grow up
by RagnavokeSA May 15, 2013
An immature adult that would like to be noticed by pretending to care about people they feel are below them. Politician can also be used to insult anyone that feels anything that can remotely put them down will destroy all their reputation hence politicians can't do anything wrong.

A close synonym to squeaker as low immaturity will provide similar behavior.
1. hey calm down child your worse than a politician

2. That girl is so sensitive she is like a polititian.
by hlczn December 20, 2013
A lying scumbag that tricks people into voting him into office and then gathers campaign funds to spend on martini and women.
"Cut it out-you're being such a politician."
by TheProtoss October 05, 2013
A person skilled in the art of using many numerous multifarious words to say very little in the hope that some poor sucker or rich capitalist will be fooled into donating money to their election campaign.

Synonym: See skank, slime, crud, muck, scum
Antonym: See swimmer, runner, mountain climber, motorcyclist
by Cannoliamo June 23, 2013
People that should never, ever be trusted under any circumstances.
by Anonymous May 14, 2003
A politician is one who will say and do that which is necessary to get elected to public office.
NOTE: A politician’s first job, once elected, is to get reelected; therefore they must say and do that which is necessary to get reelected.
All of congress, after all they are "The Politician"
by THX2001 April 04, 2014

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