(n) one who has the ability to spend a large amount of time talking, without saying anything, and meaning even less.
"Did you understand a word he just said?"
"Of course not, it's a politician."
by bugsplat May 06, 2010
A sociopathic person who feigns interest in the problems of others for personal gain. A liar, cheat and/or Thief that tries to pass him/herself off as an honest person to take advantage of naive victims.
"Matt is such a politician. He just complemented Julie's hair after telling everyone she's a fat whore!"
by Johnny_Reb May 19, 2009
1. Someone who sucks.

2. A professioanl liar.

3. A retard who gets votes.

4. A professioanl punchbag for conspiracy theories.

5. Someone who follows politicianaryism.
The liar could be called a Politician , if you were so kind.
by Inanimate December 13, 2007
teh should be chicago sevened
( ((><)) ) fuck you assholes
by die June 28, 2004
a back-stabbing piece of shit that should have to live by the same laws as everyone else. Monarchy got fucking thrown out when WE the PEOPLE developed a little thing called the CONSTITUTION and BILL OF RIGHTS that apply to ALL PEOPLE including politicians, illegal immigrants, excons, etc. Funny how they think it's okay to vote themselves a raise and pass more fucking laws that we have to live by and they don't. Oh, and as for sex offender registries, there should be a registry for everyone and everything so we can air out all of our dirty laundry to the world because I think its important to know that my neighbor fucked his dog and got a DUI and has a meth lab. I don't know how I would get through my day not knowing that.
That politician really thinks his shit doesn't stink and deserves a pay raise!
by justiceright March 17, 2010
a(sometimes) elected official, who is unaccountable to legislatures and citizens, and driven by interests that do not represent the public good.
Cheney: "Lets rebuild iraq"
Bush: "i have a good idea who we could hire to take care if this task"
Cheney: "Hehehe being a politician is easy, i know a couple of guys."
by Willyturdler May 27, 2007
1. Someone who gets paid a lot of money to do basically nothing but tell lies and wear red white and blue ties.
Also commonly referred to as a weasle.

2. Term used to describe a liar.
1. America loves it's politicians!

2. You back-stabbing little politician!!
by dirtbikechick October 03, 2008

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