Am I alone in thinking that every single politician must be hanging out with and smoking crack with Marion Barry?
I think all politicians are on crack.
by pfft~ February 18, 2006
Disgusting bunch of dirty pig felchers.
Life would be so much better without politicians and celebrities.
by fuckyou March 20, 2007
1. A person that thinks they can help the society that they view themselves superior to, and often have forgotten they were once a part of it. Technically a Buster
Most People that run for President or are President, are politicians.
by Birdman3132 March 15, 2007
1) The REAL, most dangerous gang in the United States. Will do anything to get anything, regardless if they're unsure if they really even want it, so long as they anticipate some sort of prestigious accolade, or better yet, money, as a result.


2) Magicians. Take exceedingly increasing amounts of money from citizens annually and not only make it disappear, but manage to create black holes and fluctuations in the entire space-time continuum with it (see national debt clock).
The politicians came to these projects about 4 years back. all of the other gangs quickly left. remaining residents immediately became too poor to eat and died.

- come all of that money is literally no where?
by cyanide_nights July 04, 2011
Strange bedfellows.*cough*homosexuals*cough
Damn inbred,incestual,homosexual cocksuckers.
by really sick assholes April 06, 2005
Absolute buttfucking,cocksucking,homosexual faggots!

see Democrats and Republicans!
Globalists are making the world queer!
A person who has made a profession out of deceiving and controlling the masses by manipulating their emotions and exploiting their ignorance. All use common tactics of promising change, delivering moving speeches, and vehemently defending their positions (albiet without presenting any factual evidence) See Barack Obama or John McCain .
As long as Americans continue "following their hearts" and electing charismatic Politicians, they will continue to be ignored and misused by their government.
by SeesWhatYouCant July 19, 2008
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