A lawyer in power.
by AYB February 16, 2003
A.rotten bastards
B.lying assholes
C.thieving crooks,murderers and cheats
D.all of the above

answer: _D.all of the above_

politicians suck ass ........................
by life sucks and blows August 31, 2005
A lying, piece-of-shit corporate fuckwad who lies out their ass to get elected telling you how much they care for you, and then once their sorry-ass gets in office, they lie, cheat, steal and fuck the whole system up in order to keep the power.
Just look at any goddamn politician.
by Steve February 16, 2005
People who are paid to spend everyone else's money.
Damn politicians are using our money to buy beer again.
by tihoa February 28, 2005
suck my balls...............
politicians suck my balls
by Satanists will burn in hell February 16, 2005
Trickster, highwayman, mugger, pick-pocket, sexually confused, conscience-free zone; possibly male or female, but likely to be lying about about it either way. intellectually stupid but with acute animal cunning. Knows only money thus major coporate-parties are able to slit the throats of generations yet to come without concern. In Britain politicians are not so much 'elected' as 'selected'. Often associated with child molestation, prostitution, murder, swindling, refuse, robbery, violence and fund raising bingo nights, when they put on a venere of humanity. As false as the shine on Satan's wings.
Labour, Conservative & Liberal - Britian's political Unholy Trinity.

Trustworthy politician = a contradiction in terms
by Hedley Clubnobber August 26, 2006
They're assholes.They're ALL assholes.
politicians are nuts!
by queefs September 12, 2005

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