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Maintaining and advocating time worn political and economic methods and credos despite compelling evidence of their being retrograde, ineffective, or deleterious.
Someone politically conservative often evidences the following symptoms: Vague rants against socialism, without specificity. Reliance on supposed intentions of the "founding fathers." Promulgating contention based on political parties rather than public good-- us versus them mentality. Reflexively negative reaction to any thing or idea remotely new-- ergo, not a certainty, not proven-- maintaining a stultified political and economic culture.
by V.O. Reason February 19, 2009
A set of political beliefs which should focus on stressing the following:

-Maintenance and enforcement of laws and Constitutional rights

-Heightened strength of state government to keep government close to "the people" and further away from the hands of a few powerful individuals

-Focus on free-market capitalism to keep the economy growing strong

Unfortunately, it is now also known for the following:

-Religious zealotry that uses religion to justify political agendas and choices instead of scientific reasoning or simple logic

-Anti-liberal bigotry that viciously mock and criticize liberals simply because they have different beliefs.

-Homophobic propaganda that makes homosexuals out to be some sort of criminals just because of their sexual orientation
I don't know how to explain to my friends that I'm politically conservative but not a total lying asshole like Rush Limbaugh or other famous conservatives.
by TruthInText May 25, 2010