Uranus = urine-ness
harass = harris
what the fuck,over?
political correctness is gay!
by don't do it September 13, 2005
Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rapidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.
It is not showing political correctness to call a mentally challenged individual "retarded".
by iHawkCawk May 01, 2011
The elimination of common sense to please everyone so no one, especially a minority, is offended. Institutionalized brainwashing invented by facist liberals to advance socialism and eliminate cultural/social/gender differences that, for some reason, may offend the very few. The irony is that politcal correectness is offensive in itself. According to politcal correctness, identifying a person by their race i..e “black” insinuates bigotry or that persons who want a control on illegal immigration are racists. Political correctness is the dumbest philosophy and has become a laughing stock today. When hearing politically correct people speak, I just want to punch them in their face. They sound condescending and act like we are a bunch of racist, socially-challenged nitwits who can’t think for ourselves. The funny thing about politically correct people is that they don’t know what they believe, and walk around and talk like they’re in Oz and oblivious to society. It’s the politically correct morons that are the real idiots and not the regular people. It is out of control in America. Examples mof political correctness:

heavily laden, weight challenged, person of size

visually impaired, visually challenged (when it's not a challenge and no ability is present)

Guns: firearms

Retarded: mentally challenged

Skinny: slim, lean

African American. How can you be African while being American? You can also be African without being black. Some “Africans” are even white.

Minority: person of color

humankind so not to offend women. Ironically, MANkind refers to both sexes.

Old: elderly

Gay: homosexual, different sexual orientation

Gambling: gaming

Lying: misleading

Illegal alien: migrant, guestworker

Mexico: south of the border

Hispanic: Latino

Indian: south Asian or just Asian

Chinese, Japanese, Koran, Vietnamese: oriental, but:

Oriental: Asian

little people, while “little people” can identify children

Short: vertically challenged

Politcal correctness makes Universties who's team name honors an indian tribe to be changed, for fear of offending them.

Political correctness will not allow U.S. troops to invade mosques in Iraq to search for WMD, knowing full well they are present, for the fear of offending Muslims.

Political coreectness demands unisex bathrooms.

Politcal correctness allows Muslims (and only Muslims) to have their own “prayer rooms” in airports.

Political correctness allows Musliim male cab drivers to refuse to pick up female passengers.

Politcal correctness, led by the ACLU, demands the removal of the Ten Commandments and Nativity scenes from public view, due to the fraudulent belief of “seperation of church and state.”

Political correctness allows women to attend all-male schools but wont allow men to attend all-female schools.
If you don’t believe that political correctness is bad, just look what it has done to Europe: they longer know what they believe as their society continues to erode and decay.
by krock1dk December 28, 2007
A bunch left wing, communist bullshit, implemented by the left in a shitfucked attempt to control what others say. A typical advocate of "PC" is identified by the following characteristics.
1. The inability to think for themselves.

2. The inability to speak for themsleves.

3. The gross inabilty to let anyone else express a differing point of view without shouting "You can't say that!" You can't say that"! like some idiotic communist parrot.

4. The use of meaningless 20 syllable words in a vain attempt to sound "educated" when a 3 syllable word word would work perfectly.

5. Numerous bruises and scars, as a result of being told to Fuck Off and getting punched out by the targets of thier Speech Police tactics.
PC: coffee without milk
Normal: Black Coffee

Normal: Fag, canoe licker, rump Ranger, Ass pirate.

PC:Economically challeneged
Normal: Dirt fucking poor

PC: intellectually challenged
Normal: Stupid

These are but a few examples of the idiocy of political correctness
by RWAttitude July 15, 2008
A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
Most elegant depiction I've seen of "political correctness"
by jdbroom January 10, 2007
Often, the biggest defenders of free speach are the liberals. In the case of political correctness (PC) the liberals are killing the 1st amendment. PC is an idea to replace everything that could be considered "ofensive" (whether they are or not) with a more complicated term that may or may not be more offensive (midget-vertically challanged/dwarf or retarded-mentally challanged). Some of the most used PC terms are racial (African American, Hispanic American, Caucasian American, Native American etc)Why can't we all just be Americans?
political correctness is really idiotic way to make sure no one ever has a reason to be angry about anything. Half the time anger brings upon social reform. Alot like Newspeak. PC also makes it almost imposible to give a personel opinion. The Nazis also used a form of PC (they "dealt with the Jewish problem")
Black-African American
Beaner-Hispanic American
White-Caucasian American
Asian-Asian American
Retard-Mentally Challanged
Midget/short-Verticall Challanged
Fired-Laid Off/Let Go
by northendwhitetrash July 02, 2007
Something that, through social activity, proves that the United States citizens are slowly losing their freedoms. It is also a joke to try to use weasel words so to make sure nobody gets offended when, in the end, everything still is the same. Political correctness is also targeted only selected groups, which shows it's just another political play with racism and hatred.
Political Correctness in action...
Normal person: "That new movie 1408 looks good, plus it has good actors in it, too. I think that Samuel L. Jackson is one of the best black actors in Hollywood."
Politically correct person: "What?! How dare you use the B-word?! He's not the bad B-word, he's African American."
Normal person: "Um...o...k. Anyway, I also like John Cusack. He's one of my favorite white actors in Hollywood."
Poltically correct person: "Yeah, he's a pretty good actor."
by amethyst June 05, 2007
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