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false liberalism aka middle of the roadism aka shiftyness aka demopublicanism aka republicanism to pretend to be liberal or only being half liberal towards the human rights that been opposed by relgion family values the wealthy the big corporations the police the millitary to put environmental issues and animal rights issues first befor human rights
green party green peace deffinitions of environmentalism is fanatical its based on humans not existing except the gate keepers of trees peta and natioanal liberation of animals base its view in animals only exsiting except the them the gate keepers of animals they oppose meat eating and zoos and pet owner ship they equate animals higher than humans on the area of sex non monogomy prostitution porn sm and db are bad in political correctness not because it goes against the bible but because it treats a women as an object inspite of the fact she agrees to it and it can hurt the women movement its also the promotion of the equal rights of minoritys only the shifty and conservative ones as a sneaky weapon against citizens who refuse to conform to this conservative shifty dictatorship and would like to have it over thrown its also promoting the idea that a subjective view of a minority in fiction and art just because theyre reality isn not being played that its going to trigger prejudice instantly and cause people to see them that way as we know prejudice is cause by economical fear it s going after words and pictures and speech and expression claiming it can cause war violence prejudice rape instead of the real purpotrator destructive free will and economical fear that causes these crime retired adult actress now producer veronica hart aka sara jane hamilton believes mixing hardcore sex with portrayed violence and sm and db in porn can actually trigger harm to the womens movement adult actress nina hartly gets offended and house wife jokes inspite of the fact phyllis diller and joan rivers have made fun of their lives in their one women show out of fear that it could cause physical harm to house wifes since ms harltey is not against marriage even though she acts liberal
Paranoid right wing tossers getting paranoid about paranoid left wing tossers.
Political correctness will lead to another holocaust!!!1111111!!!!
by Scuzz April 13, 2006
A concept of inoffensive language that has played far more by conservative attempting martyrdom than by liberals attempting to change society. By pointing out they're political incorrectness consevatives can pretend to be witty, edgy or worthy of sympathy.

There have been no state laws made to make saying "politically incorrect" things criminal. There are a number of television shows that try to flaunt the politically correct angle. None of theses have been reprimanded by the FCC.
Even the ranting of insanely radical organizations such as the KKK are still protected by the government.

"Political correctness persecution" is, ironically a politically correct term in itself. It used to be called "the consequences of being an insulting foulmouthed prick, you dumbass".

The only true examples of political correctness overkill are from privately owned entities which have been able to define their behavior codes (i.e. no shoes, no shirt, no service) since forever and student governments which are apeshit and transitory anyhow.
If you act like a jerk people will not like you. This is a fact of life. Don't blame political correctness.
by A ton of pounds November 07, 2004