Like so many things, it was a good idea initially, but now that it's been taken to it's extreme, it has become another bain of society's existance.
There's 1001 examples, pick one.
by Canadamus_Prime August 26, 2004
A doctrine held by a delusional minority, academia and the mainstream media that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.
"Don't call that man a 'bum'! Political correctness dictates that he is unfortunately 'homeless'!
by Boogification April 17, 2008
Mealy-mouthed attempt at getting people to avoid superficial expressions of bigotry, which ends up debasing the language without dealing with the stupidity underlying most hates and fears. Merely ends up giving the bigots one more thing to snarl at and, yes, it really can impose a tyranny of its own. Many examples of allegedly common politically correct speech are urban myths ... which we could still have done without.
Some (real and imaginary) examples of political correctness:

You're not black (in the USA), you're African-American.
(As Whoopi Goldberg once commented, and I may be paraphrasing, "My ancestors didn't come through generations of the slave trade and the Civil Rights movement to end up hyphenated.")

You're not crippled, you're differently abled.

You're not a member of the Undead, you are biometrically challenged.

You're not an android, you are an artificial person.
by Fearman August 16, 2007
What soccer moms and sheep embrace wholeheartedly.
Political correctness is fine as long as you don't cram it down people's throats.
by Shawn B. April 02, 2003
Something that was probably a good idea at first and then got seriously over the top and banned things that didn't offend anybody in the first place.

Eg -

We can't say blackboard (but we can say whiteboard.)
We can't sing Ba Ba Blacksheep (we sing Ba Ba Happy Sheep)
Teacher: Okay, Martin, come and write your name on the blackboard.

Martin: Teacher, I am very offended by you the chalkboard a blackboard, even though it is actually a board that is black.

Teacher: Sorry, Martin, I forgot my Political Correctness!
by The British One June 26, 2009
What people with no locigal counter argument often accuse people of.
What has replaced Red Baiting since the Berlin Wall fell.

A Political Sucker Punch that some conservatives used to attack and Liberals without offering any proof of the countrary.
political correctness is the slackers way to attack or discredit someone's opinion. If you are accused of political Correctness, there is a good chance that the Accuser has no lagitimit counter arguement
by ???^_^???? September 24, 2007
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