The Emmanuel Goldstein of the 20th and 21st centuries, political correctness is a multi-headed hydra that is supposedly dedicated to destroying Western civilization and squees everywhere.

Usually, a politically correct person is who dares to point out racism, homophobia or sexism and/or uses inclusive language (i.e. African-American, et al). You may think that the former is admirable and the latter well-intentioned, if a bit silly, but most right-wing pundits don't think so.

That's probably because after the 1960s, right-wingers everywhere decided that the best way to get people on their side was to pretend to be oppressed by PC fascist goons who were in league with the Soviet Union.

The only good kind of politically correct language is the type used by armies and CEOs, such as "collateral damage" instead of "massacred civilians"; "ethnic cleansing" instead of "wanton genocide", "creative accounting" instead of "fraud", and "corporate shrinkage" instead of "firing lots of workers to save money."

You can fight the seven-headed politically correct hydra by speaking without thinking, never learning from your mistakes and refusing to back down or apologize.
Anne is so politically correct! I can't believe she got mad at me for calling her a 'n*gg*r b*tch'!!!1

Political correctness will destroy our nation! Somehow!
by PC Goon December 12, 2010
politically correctness is often used to force someone else to comply with YOUR thinking. Example: Bill Clinton imposed a SIN TAX because HE/THEY could. Being extreme liberal, this was allowed to slide. Georgia's Governor Sonny Perdue ( a republican tax and spend Liberal ) passed a sin tax of his own and banned smoking in the work place, including large manufactoring plants, and any public gathering. He also manipulated the state worker's insurance to charge them an extra 40 dollars per month as punishment.

Now, I said all this.... Still paying attention***

Now the PC target is OBESITY. They have already change the thinking as to what is obese. What used to be twice normal body weight is now just 20 lbs. over normal body weight. Just 20 pounds overweight and someone will shout at you in McDonalds for eating a big mac. (This is already happening).

Soon, those 20lbs overweight will be paying more for airline tickets, health insurance, and the list goes on.

Then what will be next??? Blondes?? Brunettes?? Redheads?? or maybe those who have body odor.

Political Correctness is what will divide the USA again. There will be another split. Conservatives vs Liberals and the hot button issue is Political Correctness. Mark my words, people are talking about it.
by Doug Hightower January 19, 2006
-collective stupidity
-when you practice this you are practicing and participating in some unkown collective religion
political correctness is coercive
by Nada January 02, 2006
originally, pc was an ideal democratic concept which helped to rid society of the racial and bigotted language of the extremist minority but now it has been abused by gays, non-christians, commies and other deviant liberal minorities to undermine the spoken words and traditional values and culture of the majority, so the minority won't be offended or "feel" out of place.
one of the worse example of political correctness was turning "Merry Christmas" into "Happy Holiday"
by Non PC May 16, 2004
A Nazi religion disguised as an overused attempt to get people to stop using biggotted slang.Political correctness will eventually lead to another holocaust.
Shove your phony Nazi religion up your diversity celebrating Nazi ass!
Politicial Correctness is evil to the core!
It makes me want to wipe my ass with the American flag.
Example doesn't use the word Political Correctness. Use the word in a sentence.
goddamnit,yes it does you fucking communist nazi faggots!
by kill Satan January 10, 2006
A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical liberal minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

See Also: Libturd, PC, MSM, Doctorine, Delusional
The sovereignty of the United States will be compromised by the political correctness forced down our throats by the media machine fostered by the liberal corporate agenda.
by Vuja-de April 03, 2007
Political Correctness is a term used by 'civilised western democracies' to ensure that nobody gets an 'emotional boo boo'.
Homosexual = Gay/Lesbian = (In the Extreme) A person of sexual preferance to another person of the same gender.
Black = African Amercian/African British = (In the Extreme) A person with naturally high UV protection.
Policeman = Police Officer = (In the Extreme) Law Enforcment Operative.
Milkman = Milk person = (In the Extreme) Liquid Dairy Dispensation Operative.
You would say: "Look at that Poofy Black Policeman"
You 'Should' say (The Politically Correct version): "Oculate at the Person with sexual preferance towards another person of the same gender with a genetically evelvated Ultra Violet resistance on thier outer celluar structure entrusted with upkeep of the (Insert P.C country name here) Legal Guidlines and authority to detain a person or persons suspected of failing to adhere to the afore mentioned guidlines."

This, mon aimes is Political Correctness gone insane
by Twisted Jester April 27, 2007
Some Ranter has it spot on. See their definition.
It started out as a morally correct and rational thing, but has gone way too far, just like many things in our society.
Why dont we all just shove leashes up our arses and sow our lips together because Freedom of speech is a myth.
by Blur February 12, 2004
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