The new racism that was invented by leftists.
Political correctness is really nothing more than a new way to promote prejudice
by Marshall Rousso October 18, 2006
Idiotic liberal newspeak designed not to offend every minority group in society.
Listen to that politically correct bleeding heart liberal do-gooder saying we should embrace paedophiles.
by RKffff July 03, 2004
Sounds oxymoronic to me.

A way of adding making up long, redundant names for objects, locations, or ideas that can be easily named with short words.

Similar to Newspeak, except that Newspeak focused on REDUCING the number of words.
There is nothing correct about political correctness.
by sarcastic April 27, 2004
To be politically correct.

The very thing that is driving Britain into the dust.

Epitomised by New Labour and the British Prime Minister Tony Blair himself.

Whereby you act and speak in a way that doesn't upset' or the buzz word "offend", any form of minority, be it ethnic or otherwise in the UK. Therefore getting in the way of moderate and legitimate debates like Immigration and Asylum.

People who don't conform are labelled racist by ignorant people scared of causing confrontation.
Teacher to Pupils : sorry kids but due to political correctness we mustn't pray in assembly in case Hindus or Sikhs are "offended"
by britishandworried January 25, 2005
leftwinged shitfuckness....

how the left tried to erode the 1st amendment

but hey they think NAMBLA is free speech
sick fucks those liberals
A way of saying things that liberals made up. It takes ap too much of my time to say their politically correct terms.
"That guy's gay," said Bob.
"Don't say gay, Bob, say sexaully oriented challenged, or something like that, I can't keep track of all these terms," replied Bill.
by Calm_Storm February 26, 2004
The biggest excuse since canned cheese.
"We can't have movies like Blazing Saddles, or shows like Monty Python of Beavis & Butthead because of political correctness!! >.< watch, if I put up some movie with fucked-up humor, it'll be taken off not because it's racist or stupid or anything, but because of politics!!! >_<"
by Dave January 15, 2004
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