The state of being politically correct.
Political correctness is a narrow view on life.
by tradesman April 01, 2003
A futile attempt started by Soccer Moms to refer to certain groups in a non-offending way when they didn't want that crap to start up in the first place. See Newspeak.
Political correctness sucks.
by access denied July 13, 2003
The new racism that was invented by leftists.
Political correctness is really nothing more than a new way to promote prejudice
by Marshall Rousso October 18, 2006
Bull dyke= lesbian
Ass spelunker= homosexual
Midgets= little people
Retards= mentally handicapped
Black guys= African Americans
Chinamen= Asian Americans
American Indian= Near extinction
Cracker= That honky white boy
Uncle Hank= A2A
Esham= PAGNF
Stupid= Stoopid
Those are few of many.
by Jonballz February 11, 2004
An essentially meaningless but politically coded term used to reflexively discredit meaningful discussion of race, gender, sexuality, and class, without substantively engaging in the debate.
"What do you mean, I shouldn't beat up fags? Fucking political correctness!"
by jcb9 December 04, 2005
A mental disorder characterized by a fierce self-loathing to the extent that the person wrongly assumes all other cultures and races are superior to his own. Political correctness should be more accurately called political cowardice because people who comply with PC rules ignore facts just to avoid confrontation. Confrontation is what is needed in many cases to facilitate a frank and honest discussion of problems that are facing our nation and society.
Michael Moore is an example of Political Correctness. He's the idiot that wrote a book titled "Stupid White Men" when in fact he is one of the stupidest white men around. He obviously hates himself and has good reason for that. He would do us all a favor by just killing himself instead of criticizing everyone else.

Terms such as Asian-American and African-American are meaningless because Asia and Africa are huge continents containing many countries and people of many races. When black Algerian youths were burning cars in Paris some idiot reported referred to them as African-American. How stupid is that?
by Mr. Tapeworm June 21, 2007
The Nazi liberals favorite little Nazi tactic which enables them to libel you or slander you by calling you a racist at the drop of a hat.If any liberal does this to you you should sue them for libel/slander and defamtion of character! (regardless of race or color)
These same liberal Nazi KKK bastards who think that they can go around calling just any "individual" a racist also think that the KKK is protected free speech (see the ACLU).
Coincidentally the Democratic party are the same racist scumbags who started the KKK in the first place.
political correctness = Nazi Germany-like brainwashing tactics
by Liberals are ruining America January 12, 2006
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