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Think of today's polarized political divide pretty much right down the middle 50/50. The debates are going no where because it's considered socially impolite to discuss politics/religion in a social setting; and most definitely not in a business/working environment. Now think of a chemistry experiment where you have two chemicals (Republicans and Democrats) mixed together but nothing's happening. But if you mixed in a third chemical, a Progressive or a Liberal, all of a sudden you have a lively debate...?

As most people, even the Progressives and the Liberals, most definitely the Liberals, pick their battles, you may or may not get a debate started. The hardest part is getting the first two ingredients together in an environment willing for geniune discussions with geniune results.

All I hear is justifying, justifying, justifying.
Let me try using the three wise monkeys. They generally mean being of sound mind, body, and action. Set the example for others to follow. They can also mean looking the other way, refusing to ackowledge, feining ignorance. In other words, what's the point of our first bunch of monkeys (those leaning left e.g. our Liberal Elite) taking a step in the right direction if that's as far as they are going to get with our second bunch of monkeys (those leaning right e.g. Religious Right and/or Neo-Conservative Business Interest) paying no attention to our first bunch of monkeys.

this calls for a third set of monkeys, an example of the uber significance of the number "3" in numerology, the "political catalyse": those people loaded with empathy, willing, as well as able (takes financial security), to be confrontational with humility and honesty at all times.

1. Calling out people's behavior anywhere, anytime, and letting them know it did not go unnoticed.
2. Letting them know it was not acceptatble.
3. Not to be tolerated as long as we are able having anything to say or do about it.

In other words, Anti-Christ is nothing more than W.W.J.D. today.

by Simply Jim March 18, 2014
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