I heard the fact before, number 7 of the definition list, that Polish 'Horsemen' lent to the term Italian 'Stallion' as the result of the Polish mother's genetic tendency for increased 'girth' and an Italian fathering the son, with the Italian historic reputation for 'length' resulted in what is the term Italian 'Stallion' aka Italian Horsemen, men married to Polish women resulting a son's perfected "size" this is the truth. I come from an old Italian family. I am a Italian/Polonian male (mother Polish,) and I am living proof of this definition. I am a bit over 7" long x a bit over 5" around (exactly as the engineer from Zurich described.)I'll add that European and English aristocrats are also circumcised.
I saw the well cut Italian-Polish guy in the shower. He's one hell of a Horseman!
by Tancredi November 18, 2005
Someone coming from the country of Poland. They are famous for having blond hair and blue eyes. Their last names often end in ski, and contain z's. Last names are very hard to pronounce at times. Some Polish people are very anti semitic, and they have no reason for it.
They also have a holiday where you throw water on people.
If you walk around in Chicago, chances are you will find a Polish person.
They incorporate "WHOOPS" and "YUOOOOH"s in their traditional dances.

Not to be confused with the Russian
Sylwia: Oh man, those pirogies were dee-lishh.
Monika: I'm gonna go clean some Jew's house.
Daria: I'm gonna go suck some Polish sausage.
Emilia: My hair is so blond, it blinds people.
David: My eyes are so blue, it's unnatural.
Nicole: I'm a Polska Laska!
by Shmate March 19, 2008
Adj. The act of sucking a man's penis so that the resulting salival esidue left on the penis head leaves it shiny, as if it were polished.
Monica Lewinsky gave Bill Clinton a great polish in his oval office.
by Soufpaw April 22, 2003
A type of wierd creature not of the human race. May have herpes and try to steal your potatos.
unable to jump over any kind of fence.
commonly has a brother named "PFT"(polish fag two).
Also carriers a sort of Tucan Sam nose. >=P

OH Yeah he's a fag too!
Person:" hey POLISH! get away from my


Person: "Shoo! Shoo!"
by Godly Chaz November 23, 2008
poorest country in europe, their meal is sausage big as 30 year male athlete arm, drunkiest people on earth, polish people are hard labours in heavy industry for low wages and maximum hours in west europe especialy Norway, they have really some nice people. my town Oslo has very large polish, almost all rich americans are Polish Jews, but all almost all poor in Oslo are non jew polish, i havnt seen jew polish yet. is a jew polish? maybe
polish surename readin is extreme as it has many zszki, for unknown reasons all have either czszs or wzcsziski. erics surename is mzszirtski,damn its hard.
by adenman August 07, 2008
They are always late, they are fat, they eat porgies all day. They're also retards and they don't know how to spell.
Nick is Polish and he got an F on his Spelling test and he also couldn't miss the porgy eating contest. He'll probably win.
by POLE HATER September 17, 2007
People from the Country of Poland.
Often seen in more wealthy countries especially European since Poland joined the European Union.
Polish people generally move to wealthier countries in search of better pay and lifestyle but often are ignorant of the fact that people native to that country find it hard enough to get a job without them taking them all just because they are willing to work for less money or in poorer conditions.
Some Polish people do not work at all, only claim benefits from the state and sit in their houses which are given to them on entry to an EU country. They often are ignorant of fashion and wear brightly coloured track-suites and rubber hats. Polish people are well known in most shopping centres and are almost always on police record for stealing or attacking people.
Hey man have you got a job at the sweatshop yet?

No those fucking Polish people are taking them all, and I got my car stolen by a Polish man in brightly coloured swimming shorts
by Ratinmykitchen May 03, 2006

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