short for Polish Sausage.
When said correctly (with a chicago accent) the O in "polish" is dragged out.
"you want a hot dog or a polish?"
by drummergirl December 02, 2004
A) A language most commonly heard in Tescos supermarkets, Local waste recycling centres, cash for clothing shops or Car boot sales in the UK.

B) A nationality of people, usually self hating, frowning and not smiling, culturally displaced by European post world war II politics, who are found attempting to integrate into the working class population by adding words such as 'Mate', 'Qwid' 'Fwiver' 'Tenner' and of course 'Cheers' into their broken language vocabulary, without realising it makes them sound stupid.

C) A person driving a UK registered car with no tax, mot or insurance in Europe, who considers such a car to be a status symbol
A. Julie saw a useful item she wanted for her house at the car boot sale, but apart from the word 'quid' and 'mate', which confused her because she was a girl, she could not understand the polish vendors broken language so she moved on.

B. Jeremy asked the supermarket attendant the isle where the toiletries were kept, and was greeted with a sour look before they ignored him and started speaking polish to their colleague.

C. Pavel, minding the potholes, drove into bogateniya town centre with a smile on his face; everyone was staring at his rattling 92 cortina, his pride welled up inside him as he thought to himself 'now everyone think I British mate'
by captianstabber May 15, 2014
someone coming from poland. the polish were somehow hated from the germans.
my mom is part polish.
by SCREW IT! June 03, 2007
A language or ethnicity originated in Poland.
Kropotkin brags about being polish but I wish he wouldn't.
by CRAZYSURFER November 13, 2002
The only awesome nationality that makes you think of "polishing" large brass candle holders.
When i read your application and saw that you were "a good polish boy" i thought you would fit right in, however you can't shine metallic objects at all and your always making my store smell like pierogi.
by t3hpoless February 21, 2009
When a female has no bodily curves, lending the term "Polish" as her body has similar proportions to a pole.
Vinny: DAMMMNNN, that bitch straight Polish dawg.
Greg: Yeah man, she ain't lookin right.
Vinny: Word son, she's lookin like a mad grenade right now.
Evan: What the fuck man, does she eat food...?
by McTweezy September 01, 2010
Verb. To show off, or impress. Also, to be fashionable and stylish.

See also: pimpin
"Look at Nick polish in that tweed sweater"
"There's no way Corey will polish wearing that maroon 5 t-shirt"
by rezeboi March 20, 2006
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