a language of impossible consonant combinations
Polish: rlymrliszczi tyszrl julr hylrdsz
#speach #speak #spoke #speaks #spoken
by ben hurts January 06, 2011
Being from the nation of Poland.
That polish guy kicked you irish ass.
by Calvin Defson November 14, 2003
The act of fucking someone's armpit.
I fucked her so many ways last night, I decided to finish Polish

She was so fucking sloppy down below, I could only get friction by going Polish
#armpit #armpit fucking #polish #hetero #homo
by Lou Skunt December 07, 2011

1. To cause to become smooth and shiny by rubbing.

2. To apply oral sex to, especially in "polish his knob" and similar phrases.
"She got drunk at the party and said she was looking for someone suitably hung so she could polish his knob."
#smooth #shiny #oral sex #suck #blow #lick
by anarcissie May 01, 2008
form of the game ping pong where one person gets to hit the other with a ping pong ball after each point.
f dude look at what she did to me when we were playing "polish" today!
#polish ping pong #ping pong #table tennis #new pong #pong
by Joe Sereda October 13, 2008
What you call a woman that you want to suck and polish your cock.
Excuse me, are you Polish?
#polish #suck #cock #woman #slut
by FranPalace January 07, 2012
short for Polish Sausage.
When said correctly (with a chicago accent) the O in "polish" is dragged out.
"you want a hot dog or a polish?"
by drummergirl December 02, 2004
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