People from the Country of Poland.
Often seen in more wealthy countries especially European since Poland joined the European Union.
Polish people generally move to wealthier countries in search of better pay and lifestyle but often are ignorant of the fact that people native to that country find it hard enough to get a job without them taking them all just because they are willing to work for less money or in poorer conditions.
Some Polish people do not work at all, only claim benefits from the state and sit in their houses which are given to them on entry to an EU country. They often are ignorant of fashion and wear brightly coloured track-suites and rubber hats. Polish people are well known in most shopping centres and are almost always on police record for stealing or attacking people.
Hey man have you got a job at the sweatshop yet?

No those fucking Polish people are taking them all, and I got my car stolen by a Polish man in brightly coloured swimming shorts
by Ratinmykitchen May 03, 2006
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Polish, or being polish. Also, poeple with very big dicks.
I knew Matt was polish when i saw his 8 and a half inch dick
by ess ex kay February 02, 2004
Polish is a West-Slav language. It has had separated from lechick group of languages. It’s spoken mainly in Poland, because it’s considered as one of the hardest languages to learn.

In Poland it’s like every region has its own dialect. In our country we distinguish following dialects : wielkopolski, ma³opolski , œl¹ski , mazowiecki , kujawsko – che³mski , kaszubski.

For foreigners the hardest thing in our language is conjugation, orthography and pronunciation. To make them practice they are given famous Polish poem written by Jan Brzechwa called “Chrz¹szcz” which means “beetle” and it goes something like this:

“W Szczebrzeszynie chrz¹szcz brzmi w trzcinie
I Szczebrzeszyn z tego s³ynie

Wó³ go pyta: „Panie chrz¹szczu,
Po co pan tak brzêczy w g¹szczu...”
Ja sobie swietnie z tym jezykiem radze. Byc moze gorzej jest z jezykiem, ktory obsluguje ta strone, ale nawet ludzie, ktorzy uzywaja go jako jezyka "ojczystego", czesto radza sobie gorzej niz ja. O czym to swiadczy? Odpowiedz na wczesniejsze definicje: "Przyganial kociol garnkowi".
by Brain January 14, 2004
An enthnicity or language originated in the east european country of Poland. A country unfairly invaded by Hitler and Stalin from two fronts during WW2. Often seen as a place of large jewish population, although the vast majority of Polish are of Roman Catholic decent.
Paul: I'm from Poland.
Joe: Are you jewish?
Paul: No, and I'm not retarded either! But someone who bases their information off of stereotypes is.
by Pole November 04, 2003
People originally from Poland. Most Polish immigrants come to Chicago to live. Polish people are also known for their amazing Polish food and Polish penises (which are the largest in diameter in the whole world)Italian penises being the longest though. Polish is a native language of Poland containing many z's and ski's.
Dj Markski is a Polish dj originally from Poland.
by polska zyje nam~ nikolka February 13, 2005
1.Male with large penis; Boy,Teen & Man.

2.Large usually exceeding 8 inches.

3.Attractive Man downstairs.
"Damn pual , your penis is so polish!" -Betsy
by E tomaszewska January 04, 2007
The Polish are very hard workers from a great country. Most Polish people came to America from Poland in the early Eighteenth Century. Some also went to Canada and England. Those who came to the United States worked mostly in Shops. Those in Canada and England mostly took Jobs by Being General Contractors. Perhaps some in Manchester made their living by Coal Mining. Those in Northwestern Alberta may have sometimes been Scientists or Medicine workers. After all many Nobel Science winners were Polish.

My grandfather came from Poland. He came to Connecticut from Poland then went to Massachusetts. My Polish Heritage is very important to my mothers family. My mothers father the one from Poland wanted my mother to go to a Polish School. She learned how to Teach in Collage while also taught Scientific Medicine Work in New York. She came back to Massachusetts Six Years later. But as I was saying I feel proud of being Polish.

I'm sure you're proud to be Patriotic too of your Country.
Although the Polish have suffered after the many Years of Polish rights from Rule of the Communists of Russia we are proud people from a free Poland.
by Fandango. September 30, 2007
Something that looks well nice
"Man that Merc is Polish Blud!"
by RMF June 01, 2004

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