Cowards who have the city put them in a position of power where they can pick on others without any worries of anyone fighting back. If they were as "tough" as they'd like to think they are, they wouldn't need a fucking badge to "prove" it.
The motto on the side of police cars should read "We SERVE ourselves and PROTECT no one."
See cops and pigs. These mothafuckas are corrupt arseholes that should go fuck themselves. Fuck the mothafucking police and fuck the law!
The police officer collected a bribe.
by Marbarian December 29, 2004
"Police are trained to serve and protect". This is Orwellian doublespeak. Like someone can serve you by yelling at you and telling you what to do, and can protect you by shooting you or beating you up if you refuse to be "served" in this way. Police are here to serve and protect the BOSSES and THEMSELVES. Not us.

"no balls to say anything to a cop's face" - that's cos the fuckers are armed to the teeth with shit that's illegal for anyone else and they go round in gangs and pick fights if you don't like them. Plus, sometimes we do say what we think to their faces and they call it a "riot" and lock us up, which means we can't post online anymore. Praising this repression is hypocrisy - it's a shame the bigots who spout this shit are never jailed.
so shut up you Nazi pigfuckers!
by shut up you Nazi pigfuckers May 05, 2004
People who's job is to serve and protect the community, more often than not taking slings(money) from crims and helping crooks out. Dumd dope heads often fat as cows with a nasty attitude problem.
Cuture of corruption, sexism, rascism and there the good policeman. Too busy working for the crooks to do anything good for society.
by Neddy Smith October 21, 2003
Bacon, Pork Products, basically Pigs.
Dickheads who walk round in blue uniform that think they are big because they have a badge, and in the Uk they have to wear a hat that looks like a huge tit on their head.
by Lord October 06, 2003
The people who find it amusing to exercise their power and opress the black man by arresting him for DWB and doing nothing at all such as walking down the street minding his own buisiness
by dakarai April 04, 2003
fuckers who take your weed and smoke it at home
damn cops searched me and found my hydro
by ayout March 04, 2003

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