The men and women who guard you while you sleep in your little race-car bed and prevent society from breaking down into an anarchistic free-for-all. A thankless job, police have to deal with ungrateful fucks (i.e. little shit teenagers whose parents need to beat the shit out of them, and wouldn't survive if the police weren't around to protect them) insulting them just because of one bad cop giving all police a bad name
A few cops are dicks, but most of the police I know are cool.

Man, the police caught one of my neighbor's old workers trying to burn his house down. They arrived just in time.
by c deez nuts June 15, 2010
See cops and pigs. These mothafuckas are corrupt arseholes that should go fuck themselves. Fuck the mothafucking police and fuck the law!
The police officer collected a bribe.
by Marbarian December 29, 2004
"Police are trained to serve and protect". This is Orwellian doublespeak. Like someone can serve you by yelling at you and telling you what to do, and can protect you by shooting you or beating you up if you refuse to be "served" in this way. Police are here to serve and protect the BOSSES and THEMSELVES. Not us.

"no balls to say anything to a cop's face" - that's cos the fuckers are armed to the teeth with shit that's illegal for anyone else and they go round in gangs and pick fights if you don't like them. Plus, sometimes we do say what we think to their faces and they call it a "riot" and lock us up, which means we can't post online anymore. Praising this repression is hypocrisy - it's a shame the bigots who spout this shit are never jailed.
so shut up you Nazi pigfuckers!
by shut up you Nazi pigfuckers May 05, 2004
I know they help us and everything, and I am thankful they are here to protect us, but seriously they hate me. In the last two weeks ive been driven home in a cop car twice. And no, Im not some freaking pothead drug addict. First I forgot to tell my parents where I was, but the second time me and my friend were sitting on the sidewalk at 11 o'clock at night, and he decided we needed to go home. >:. Also, SOME cops do just try to get the numbers, especially in LA, because in less than one week we got 3 pointless tickets (2 parking, 1 wasn't even right, and a u-turn where everyone else got away with it.) It must take alot to be a cop, because just being with one tired me out. Last night (I was on the sidewalk) he said that he didn't want to get us in trouble, but he didn't want us to get ubducted. Sure.
police really need an example?
by kccc=] June 15, 2007
pride, honor, dignity; a brotherhood.
Gangstas cry when da police arrive.
by p220sig45 August 16, 2003
the dumass idiots that arreested you for skateboarding
damn bitch, took ma board
by rusty February 13, 2003
"There are unlimited bad situations which would occur unmeasurably more frequently without the police, so give it up already." Yeah yeah yeah. Look at any stateless society, whether it's the Bushmen or the Paris Commune, and you see exactly the opposite. All this nonsense about civilisation being overwhelmed by bogeymen if the cops didn't exist is just the result of the feverish imaginations of people who are still trapped in their Oedipus issues, think daddy's going to kill them unless they do as they're told and so project their repressed desire to be free onto other people, imagining it to be a desire to do bad things instead. Also, there's a big list of bad situations which only happen because of the police, e.g.: being stitched up, being Rodney Kinged, being arrested for DWB, wars which happen cos cops smash protests against them, fascists who take power with police support, racism which is fuelled by police support for the racist social order, class power, the anti-union laws, the Criminal Justice Act, etc. etc. All this Nazi nonsense would be impossible without cops so start thinking for yourself instead of believing the crap you're told at school and on the telly.
Fuck pigs!

Fuck pigfuckers!

Fight for freedom!!!!!
by down with pigfuckers! May 05, 2004

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