a bunch of fat guys dressed inblue that think they own, run, and know everything. they claim to protect you but they'll arrest you for the stupidest shit andthrow you in jail where its even more dangerous. out of the million police in the world theres maybe 1 or 2 niceones.
fight for your rights!
fuck the police!
-get high-
by cody420 April 04, 2008
A group of people sworn to uphold the law. Unfortunately the only way to be a truly honest member of the police is to know nothing about fellow police.

Joe felt he was an honest policeman, even though he knew:

Officer X was protecting two drug houses
Officer Y has sex in his cruiser.
Officer Z said he was patrolling and was really at his house playing Xbox.
Officer Z also kept a sack of weed and .357 magnum he found in a suspects car.

Joe said he is honest. One has to wonder if Joe know he would have been fired for failing to reporting 1% of what he has seen in the private sector.
Joe is with the police. He told me he is honest. Then again he never reported witnessing Officer X planting evidence five times. By his on admissions half the department is shady.
by Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. December 20, 2011
slightly ghettoized term for law enforcement
Stash the dime bag dawg da po'lice rollin up!
by Kyle in Jax October 05, 2010
1. People that arrest you for a little bit of weed and then smoke it.
2. complete hypocrites and liars
3. A person that knows what they do is wrong but won't stand up for what is right.
4. Sadistic motherfuckers
5. The lowest form of people
6. people that say that they will be easier on you are honest, but really are not
7. Motherfuckers, that pull you over for speeding, insist that you've been drinking/using when you havn't, and search your car when there really is no probable cause
See the movie "Spun". The police in that movie are really like that. NO LIE!

Popular police motto: "To Protect and To Serve" - Can someone say, BULLSHIT!
by I fuckin hate pigs August 01, 2005
People that wear blue or black uniforms who get paid to set people up and plant evidence on them, they actually smoke and use the dope from people they bust on the streets, are racists and beat black men half unconscience, have an addiction to doughnuts, pull motorists over on the road and unfairly give them a ticket because they haven't met their monthly quota, beat their wives and just are hypocrites and just as corrupt as the people they arrest.
The police calling themsleves "public servants" are actually a scandalous clad of douhgnut junkies.
by krock1dk March 06, 2008
The thing that never shows up quite on time when someone needs it.
Where are the police?
You know how it goes, they'll show up at the last second when everything is just about over.
by Headladn June 27, 2014
In the United States, a paramilitary organization whose primary purpose is to prevent people of color from interfering in any way with the daily lives of white people.
White Person: In general, I think the police perform a vital function within our society.

Black Person: The police! Run!!
by Time4Pizza November 24, 2014

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